Ammouliani Island


Ammouliani is a small island in Halkidiki that charms every visitor since it's the place where everyone can find anything they dream of in an area of only 4.5km2.


The island is located 120Km from Thessaloniki and is connected by frequent ferryboat routes that last only 10 minutes to Tripiti (Ammouliani).

Ammouliani is heaven on earth, you may find yourself carefree and relaxed walking along the fine, golden sand with an aquamarine sea.

The best thing...

you can do is visit all the island's beaches even the most isolotad ones. Each one has its own way to charn you and make you want to visit it every day.

After visiting the beaches of Ammouliani you can go on a daily excursion by boat to the nearby islands of Gaidouronisi, Tigani and Pontiki so as to enjoy your swim in their emerald crystal clear waters and have lunch on the sand at the makeshift teverns that are built there.

Fresh fish...

and Greek traditional cuisine are present in Ammouliani. In a friendly enviroment, with the highest standards of hygiene, the island's restaurants are discerned for the quality of the food they serve and their exemplary customer service.

Take your coffee at the beach of Alikes or at the beach of Sant Georgios while gazing at the beutiful bays from above. At the evening go out for a drink to one of the islands Discos for a dancing night or stay at a quit bar to enjoy the music of the waves.